First login

On your first login you need to use Windows. Your login is sXXXXXX where XXXXXX is your student ID number (it is probably a good idea to learn this number by heart). Your first password is your PESEL number and has to be changed during the first successful login.

Accessing the shell remotely

You can access the SSH server at using either the ssh command under Linux/macOS or using the putty program under Windows.

Host name is and your username is sXXXXXX as usual.

Accessing your files

Each student has a network drive that is being mounted on logon. It is mounted as J: under Windows and as the home directory under Linux. Files located there are also accessible over network. From Windows the simplest way is to use WinSCP. From Linux and macOS you can use the scp command in the terminal. If you really need graphical clients, look here.


You can connect with the network wmi using the following settings:`

Under Windows you need the cryptographic certificate. Under Linux this is optional (although recommended).

Graphical terminal (Windows)

You can connect to a graphical session running Windows using you credentials. This way you can run any software available in the computer laboratories.

If you use Windows you can connect using mstsc.exe (Start > Run…). If you use Linux you can use rdesktop:

$ rdesktop -g 1600x900 -K -r clipboard:CLIPBOARD -u sXXXXXX -d LABS -p -

Not all parameters are necessary. In particular -g forces desktop resolution and -r clipboard:CLIPBOARD shared the clipboard.

Graphical terminal (Linux)

You can also connect to a graphical session running Linux through X2Go. To do that you need to connect another connection in x2goclient with the following parameters:

Git web interface

You can create Git repositories and host them on the faculty server (as public or private repos). The web interface is available at You can log using your usual credentials.